Dec 04

One of the most important things is your content, it should offer a possitive contribution to the Internet Community.

First impressions are also very important, so make sure your pages are pleasing to the eye and offer your visitors something nice to look at. It is more likely that your visitors will stay and look around. Don’t have wild backgrounds that make it hard for people to read your text. Don’t have alot of junk on your pages such as banner ads etc.

If your pages take to long to load you have lost alot of visitors. Try to minimize your graphics and have few animations etc.

If you want music on your site, be sure there is a way for the visitor to turn it off. Our Judges prefer no music, as not everyone has the same taste and it just takes longer to load. They find it really annoying when they are reviewing sites.

Visitors should be able to go to any part of your site from whatever page they are on. Navigation is a very important part of a website..

A good site is always being worked on, but don’t draw attention to it with under constructions signs etc. Make your site have a finished feel to it.

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