Dec 04


  1. Is to give recognition to the outstanding sites that show real web design talent.

The Rules In order to comply with the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act of April 21, 2000 (COPPA) please do not apply, if you are age 13 or under.

  1. No pornography, racism, sexism or links to such sites.
  2. Due to time involvement, you will not receive a reply if you did not win the award. If you won you will hear within a week from the time you applied, unless we get terribly swamped with applicants. In that case we will review your site as soon as possible.
  3. Please read the criteria before applying for the award.
  4. Sites will be judged by a panel of three web designers and all decisions are final.
  5. If you receive the award, it must be displayed and linked back to this site.
    Sites that do not do this within a reasonable amount of time, will be removed from the recipients list.
  6. Award graphic is copyright and must not be altered in any way.

Criteria for award

  1. No broken links, construction signs, JavaScript errors etc.
  2. If you have sound on your site, there needs to be some way to shut it off.
  3. Easy navigation and eye appeal.
  4. There should be no: pop-up windows, very little animation, etc.
  5. Your site must be compatible with both IE and NN.
  6. Submitted site must be in English or an English version available.
  7. Please review the Recipients list, before applying.
  8. Loading time will definitely be an important factor.

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