Dec 04

Judges Descretion:

The Courage Certificate goes out to those who have shown outstanding courage while fighting some of the battles that life brings.

This cannot be applied for, it is given by our Judges descretion.

Judges Descretion:

This Certificate is given to sites by our Judges descretion.

Sites they consider “Super Outstanding” that shines above the rest, with nice design but most important “The Content”.

If you think that is your site, then by all means be sure and apply for the “Certificate”.

Our Judges put in alot of time and effort to review any applications, therefore Midnight Surf requires that all recipients display the Award and link it back to in order to be on our winners list.



  • Does your site offer a possitive contribution to the Internet Community?


  • Is your site pleasing to the eye and does it have a professional appearance

  • Do you offer an on/off option for background music (better to avoid the use of music)

  • Have you used the same font size throughout your site (is it large enough to be readable to all visitors)

  • Have you avoided using busy backgrounds that make it hard to read the text

  • Have you avoided the overuse of animation, applets, banners etc.


  • Have you kept loading time in mind with your graphics

  • Are your graphics original

  • Are your graphics of top quality

  • Do your graphics serve a purpose

  • Did you avoid the use of to many graphics


  • Have you avoided the use of the browsers back button

  • Can the visitor get to any part of your site, with a minimal amount of clicks

  • Did you keep your page lengths short enough so there is not to much up and down scrolling required

  • Does your site avoid causing the vistor to scroll from side to side

  • Did you put a back to top button on pages that may require it


  • Does your site have a reasonable load time

  • Did you avoid visitors having to download plug-ins

  • Do you have an English version to your site

  • Does your site work in both Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers

  • Are all your links, applets, scripts etc. in working order


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